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Shree Satchidanand Utsav given by Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu

Hari Om. This weekend was a spiritual holiday. It was that Saturday of the holy month of Margashirsha when Shraddhavans celebrate ‘Shree Satchidanand Utsav’ (Festival of Everlasting Happiness) i.e. worshipping of padukas of their Sadguru at their homes.

It is believed that on observing of Shree Satchidanand Utsav, Sadguru maintains His holy metaphysical existence in our homes for the next entire year, till the celebration of the next Utsav (festival).

Setting up of Poojan of Shree Satchidanand Utsav
We performed the poojan at the early hour of Brahma Muhurta also known as ‘God’s Hour’ (timed in the pre-dawn hours between 3:20 am and 4:40 am as correctly told by Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu). It was really enjoyable, refreshing, pious and love-filled hour of devotion to perform this poojan. The peace and tranquillity that is experienced at this quiet hour is unmatched and extremely calming. Moreover the soothing ‘Shraddhavan dress’ comprising of all-white lungi, uparna and shirt was adding to this peace of mind.

Shraddhavan dress used in Vedic religious ceremonies
Later, the day was spent reciting name of Sadguru and holy mantras like Gurukshetram Mantra, etc. The most enjoyable was the time spent in vicinity of the Sadguru Padukas while having food which was specially prepared considering those foods having properties that aid mental-physical development and well-being as described by Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu in ‘Shreemad Purushartha Grantharaj – Premprawas’, and is also low-fat at the same time.  

Sadguru Padukas of Shree Satchidanand Utsav

Two days just zapped past and the time of departing arrived. It was the time of Punarmilap or what is colloquially knows as visarjan, of Sadguru Padukas. But it was departure only of the physical padukas. HE always would continue to be in hearts and minds of all the Shraddhavans at all times; equally in their joys and hardships. Hari Om, Sriram, Ambadnya.

 (PS: Shree Satchidanand Utsav can be celebrated either for 2-days or 5-days, at the convenience of the worshipper. If you read the rule book of Shree Satchidanand Utsav I am sure you will find it to be the simplest and the most liberal Vedic religious ritual which emanates only and only from the love of the devotees towards his or her God. It is so considerate that it even prescribes a separate and rather ritualistically more simpler process, in case a devotee has a difficulty in reading).

Jai Jagdamb Jai Durge

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