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Russia & Pakistan join hands for military alliance in Afghanistan; an alert for India

Russia has entered into a military alliance with Pakistan citing fears of transfer and expansion of ISIS in Afghanistan from the Middle East. This is a major cause of concern for India as Afghanistan is a strategically located and important friend for it. Moreover Russia befriending first China and then Pakistan by ignoring traditional relations with India is a major setback to Indian foreign policy.

Russia seems to have capitalized on souring ties between the United States and Pakistan which have deteriorated further with greylisting of 'terror state Pak' at FAFT under a US proposal.
Russia must remember that Pakistan is no way going to be contributor to peace in Afghanistan after evidences have recently emerged showing Pakistan of aiding both Taliban and ISIS simultaneously.
And most importantly, Russia must also understand that India has an independent foreign policy and with its strategic importance and size of economy, it is not a kind of friend to be ditched every time with a 'carrot and stick' policy.

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