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Finally the day has come for which we all eagerly wait for the entire year. Yes, its the birthday of our beloved Param Poojya Aniruddha Bapu, which we better know as Aniruddha Poornima . This year's Aniruddha Poornima would be celebrated by Aniruddha Upasana Trust and its associated organisations on Monday, 2nd November 2009.

To remind all the readers, P. P. Bapu doesn't accept any gifts may it be in form of money, sweets, flowers, gift articles, precious metals, etc. As He has been telling us for so many years He only expects and accepts our Bhakti (Devotion), Prem (Love) and Seva (Service). The only exception to gifts being the Indian sweetmeat called as Appe which are P. P. Bapu's favourite and can certainly be offered.

Visitors are requested to refrain from bringing Kapur (Camphor) Aarti. Also it would be great if visitors could carry an Uparna (shoulder cloth) individually. Carrying an uparna is believed to be extremely holy and helps the person to maximise his receivings of holy waves (Spandan).

*** Volunteers are requested to strictly comply with this condition. ***

Timings of the Celebrations:
Morning 10:00 am to evening 9:00 pm

Address of Celebrations
Sambhaji Ground,
Veer Savarkar Marg,
Navghar Road,
Near Mulund Gymkhana,
Mulund (East),
Mumbai - 400 081

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