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Discourse by Param Poojya Aniruddha Bapu on 24th September 2009

On the Thursday of 24th September 2009, P. P. Bapu delivered His discourse as usual again at New English High School ground at Bandra (East), Mumbai. Bapu gave a big surprise everyone taking into consideration the need of the hour and the veiled threat of World War - III that is approaching very fast and silently with the launch of website for Aniruddha's Academy of Disaster Management better known as A.A.D.M. The website was launched by Aadya-Pipa Govindsinh Dabholkar on behalf of P. P. Aniruddha Bapu in His presence.

Readers can check for more information by logging on to

Further Bapu began with His discourse, which was entirely focused on "Why and how could one become a Responsible Parent".

Bapu said that it is the general human tendancy to get attracted towards crowd. To justify this Bapu gave example of a two doctors; one with heavy crowd and other with no crowd at all. As a parent we would offcourse take our child to the doctor with heavy crowd even if that means waiting for few hours. And from here Bapu begins His tutorial on Responsible Parenthood.

Bapu said that we get attracted to crowd because we want security (Suraksha) and esteem (Pratishtha). Bapu said that this is where we humans make a mistake and wrongly choose esteem over security. Bapu gave an example over here. These days many Mumbaikars are moving out of their traditional and secured homes from Dadar, Parel, etc and are settling in esteemed, posh suburbs. Bapu is never against progress, but Bapu said that we need to evaluate the two factors mentioned above very carefully before taking any decision. Bapu said that because of false esteem man always sacrifices his security. Bapu again gave explicit examples over here and said that attending late night parties, drugging, drinking, smoking, etc is now these days considered as esteem.

Bapu further laid down a very, very important principle. Bapu said that parents should trust their children 99% and not 100% if they have to be responsible and feel that their children should progress on right path without any obstacles. Again Bapu gave an example over here and said that parents should definitely check the internet surfing log of their children if they are sitting on internet at late night. This should be done to see if your child is unknowingly not falling prey to sex rackets or is not accessing pornographic sites, as teenagers at their age feel attracted to these things. This makes them vulnerable and they may unknowingly fall prey to things which are hidden at the back of these sites like sex rackets or certain hypnotic sites.

Bapu said that parents should establish such relations with their children that even if the children get entangled in some problem arising out of their wrong act they (Children) should not fear to approach you, open up and tell their problems. Bapu said that the relationship between most of the children and parents these days are not as open as mentioned here and hence when children get entangled in some wrong thing they dont get the confidence of approaching their parents as they would not find the solution but would only be end up being thrashed and at some instances even thrown out of the house. Bapu said that this should not happen. If your child gets stuck somewhere then he should have to confidence to approach you and you should also assist him to get out of that problem.

Bapu further said that look at your children as Most-Obedient-Child and not as Most-Obedient-Slave / Prisoner.

Bapu said that parents try to fulfill all the wishes of their children thinking that my child should get all that I couldn't get in my childhood or teenage. Bapu said that this thinking is absolutely wrong. To justify this Bapu again gave an example over here. Bapu said that parents should not say Yes to every demand of their children. This should be done because when these children step in the outside materialistic world they perpetually hear "No" to their various desires and plans and then this leads to frustration which ends in acts like acid attacks, suicides, etc.

Bapu further critisized the reason given by many parents that they dont have time to look after their children. Bapu said that saying, "I have no time", is the biggest lie in the world. Bapu pointed out that because off this tendency the number of boarding schools are going up in the society. Bapu frankly said that the parents who give this reason incase of their children are not even fit to be parents.

For children, Bapu also said that if the child feels embarrassed when his mother feeds him in front of others or his friends then he is wrong. Bapu said that this is the act of sheer love and not lower-class act as termed by few so-called white-collared people.

Now, Bapu came back to the topic of Disaster Management which he had introduced at the very start of the discourse while launching the A.A.D.M. website and linked it with the topic of Responsible Parenthood. Bapu said that being a responsible parent is also a form of Disaster Management. By being a responsible parent we are avoiding the disaster from happening in life of your children.

Further Bapu specifically mentioned that reciting Hanuman Chalisa three times daily with your children is the best form of disaster management one could do in his child's life.

Finally terminating the discourse Bapu quoted the famous saying

"Asel Maza Hari Tar Deil Khatlya Vari"
(If there is Lord, then he would fulfill my wishes without I doing anything or taking any efforts).

is offcourse true. Lord (Hari) is always eager to give His child with the most best things of the world but for that firstly Hari has to be mine i.e. i have do completely as He says with complete surrender. But the main reason as to why we should not depend on this saying is Lord would become more happy seeing His child become strong.

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