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Britain Does Owe Reparations to India (Speech by Dr. Shashi Tharoor)

Viewed the trending video of Dr. Shashi Tharoor which I have embedded at the end of this post. I feel every human especially all Indians, Britishers and subjects of Commonwealth countries should view it and listen to it carefully. It goes to show that the big nations 'owed by' big families of the world have bullied, lied and cheated the 'human race' as a whole and even today are sitting at the apex of the world with their utmost arrogance. The reference that Dr. Tharoor makes to the Great Bengal Famine which incidentally is the biggest holocaust in history engineered by 'Great' Britain under the so called 'Mother Queen', is worth listening to. Surprisingly though being bigger than any genocide, bigger than even the so called Jewish genocide by the Nazis, it is not talked about by any news agency or is not even discussed in the educational textbooks. Also the viewpoint of reparations that Dr. Tharoor makes at the end of his speech is worth giving a thought to. 

Well done Dr. Shashi Tharoor to publicly highlight an extremely important topic. Hope rather than putting all those crap news which have minimal or zero importance and relevance, the media, at least the Indian media takes this issue up and brings this in limelight so that the Indian Government, current and successive take at least 'some action' on it.  

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