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ISIS declaring war on Hamas adds to polarization in Middle East

Just a week back the ISIS, the barbaric terrorist organization from Middle East declared a war on Hamas, a coalition partner in Palestine’s government which also maintains an armed militia. One might be little confused, trying to understand this happening as both these Middle Eastern groups are termed ‘terrorist organization’ by the West and hence may be believed to have common enemy.

Though the ‘West’ (United States, Europe, etc.) is the common enemy on the international stage for both these groups, yet they have currently pitted themselves in coalitions of opposing ethnicities when it comes to ground zero in Mideast.

Hence by declaring war against Hamas, ISIS has crossed its sword with Iran-led coalition which includes Houthi rebels of Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the current ruling government in Iraq, the royals of Qatar, and Syria. Recently, with its worsened ties with the United States, Turkey too seems to have grown closer to this grouping despite its opposite ethnicity.

The bloc opposing Iran is in fact led by Saudi Arabia with most of its other GCC-members viz., UAE, Bahrain and Oman.

Hence, considering the fact that many of the ISIS fighters have formerly been Al-Qaeda operatives and still maintain some influence in Palestine, Hamas may face ‘added challenge’ on its home turf. And this whole happening may just benefit Saudi Arabia in its rivalry with Iran leaving Middle East furthermore polarized. 

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