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Pakistan confused, misdirected & more radicalized with Trump fighting real ‘War on Terror’

By bashing ‘Terror State Pak’ for its continued support to terrorists in his first tweet in the New Year and following it up by cutting off most of the US military aid ($1.3 billion) given to Pakistan, Donald Trump has become the first US President who has shown serious resolve in really fighting the ‘War on Terror’ unlike his predecessors. 

The sudden and stringent action by the United States seems to have pushed Pakistan into a state of complete panic and confusion which was evident from two starkly different statements coming from the two of the senior-most personnel of its Foreign Affairs Ministry. First, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif was seen boasting saying that Pakistan’s ties with the US were over. But this statement was later followed by another declaration from their Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua wherein she said that Pak will continue engagement with the US despite the aid freeze.

Asif’s was more of a reaction than a response; it was child-like misdirected anger. He is known to have ‘foot in mouth’ disease as Pakistan is known for its immaturity. But Janjua’s statement seemed more of a realization of facts than just boasting. 

With all this, Pakistan is slated to see a steep rise in appeal and influence of radical terror forces which already control its government, hand-in-glove with the military. As a pointer to this fact, a Pakistani court has ordered the release of an anti-US cleric, Sufi Mohammad who had been to Afghanistan to help the Taliban fight against Americans after the 2001 US campaign.

It is for India and Indians to really thank the US President Donald Trump for the action that he has taken against rogue Pakistan which will also go a long way in curtailing Pakistan’s terror activities in India. The note of thanks becomes more relevant after the US allayed Indian fears over the ‘rumours’ surrounding H-1B visa by clarifying that the 750,000 Indians in US won’t suffer. 

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